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Warmachine: Orgoth Sea Raiders Tyrant

Warmachine: Orgoth Sea Raiders Tyrant

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Orgoth Sea Raiders Heavy Warjack 

If the Jackals are the hunting beasts of the Orgoth warcasters, the Tyrants are their metallic machines of war. Like all Orgoth warjacks, the Tyrants are inhabited by the spirits of fearsome beasts and are notably invested with savage and cunning: their Vulcar creators seek only the most vicious and fearsome of beasts to distill into the iron-caged frames of the Tyrants. Bristling with brutal and hell-marked arms, the Tyrants are devastating combatants empowered with arcane energies and raw Blaze power.

Includes one warjack chassis, eight customizable arm options and four customizable head options.

Will ship with WARMACHINE Magnet Pack A.

When this model suffers damage from an enemy attack, after the attack is

  • Resolved, it can immediately make a full advance directly toward the attacking model.
  • Head weapon provides a second melee attack.
  • Its Belcher ranged weapon is a powerful AOE attack that causes continuous fire.


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