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Pair O' Dice

Warmachine: Orgoth Sea Raiders

Warmachine: Orgoth Sea Raiders

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Following an era of what seemed like endless war, the mighty kingdom of Cygnar has enjoyed nearly a decade of peace. While cooperation, openness, and understanding among nations blossomed for a time into a true mechanikal renaissance, Cygnar’s leaders knew that peace was only as lasting as their dedication to the strength of their national security. And so the wide production of a purely galvanic mechanika power source, the storm chamber, led to nothing less than a technological revolution that would ultimately give rise to the greatest fighting force Cygnar had ever known — the Storm Legion.  Freshly recruited arcane mechaniks built upon the creations of their predecessors and the curriculum of the Strategic Academy greatly advanced, providing a new foundation for the modernization of arcane warfare and its introduction to the next generation of warcasters. The people of Cygnar are secure in the knowledge that their cities and territories are defended by the most advanced and professional military in the history of the Iron Kingdoms—warriors and warjacks that wield the very power of lightning storms in their armored fists. The only question now is will it be enough?


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