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Tyranids: Biovore/Pyrovore

Tyranids: Biovore/Pyrovore

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Biovores are living artillery pieces, swollen with the clutch of explosive Spore Mines that they nurture within their bodies. Upon anchoring itself to the ground with chitinous spurs, a Biovore undergoes violent spasms that expel its volatile offspring in high arcs as living ammunition. From there, the gas-bloated Spore Mines detonate in a shower of bone shards and acid rain, or else drift languidly down onto the battlefield, primed to explode whenever prey draws near.

Pyrovores exist to predigest biomass and minerals for their hive fleet. The acids that drip from their maws are corrosive enough to melt adamantine, produced by a gurgling network of stomachs that also fuels their symbiotic dorsal weapon with caustic and flammable gas. A single belch of this roiling chemical fire can engulf entire squads of prey – and even killing a Pyrovore is perilous, for their volatile innards can detonate upon death.


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