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Nefarious The Mad Scientist Game

Nefarious The Mad Scientist Game

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All the real scientists are a bit crazy. But some are completely bonkers - that's actually what they say about you, on a daily basis. Yiiia-haa! Puny enviers! It's so awesome to have your own lab, invent strange hickeys, accidentally arrange natural disasters, industrial disasters and sometimes tear down small towns. Little things like these shouldn't stop the real scientist carried away by his great ideas!

The goal? Surely, the development of science. Well, of course, sometimes early in the morning you fancy taking over the world.

And now to good news. You are not alone in this world and other mad scientists have the same goals. Your sacred duty is to circumvent them and take over the world first. Are you ready for the most destructive war in the history of mankind?

In this game every player becomes a mad scientist. You can conduct research, work, send agents for espionage or assemble prototypes of destructive and dangerous inventions. The game is played differently every match thanks to fresh and new conditions. Anything can happen - from government grants for mad scientists to first contact with extraterrestrials.



—    The ones, who know how to take over the world, so that nurses won't see them

—    The people, who like classic board games.(the author created famous "Dominion")

—    Them, who are fond of games with good bluffing

—    Cheerful companies, which fancy to destroy all life on the planet

—    Space hitchhikers and other strange folks

—    Playing with the family

—    IT-people and research workers

—    Just as a gift to creative people with strange hairdos



—    Game field

—    5x5 Spy pieces in diff. colours (5 to each player).

—    64 Invention cards

—    36 Twist cards

—    24 Action cards (4 to each player)

—    90 coin tokens

—    Rules with examples·


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