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Flowering Sprayers - Whomping nettles

Flowering Sprayers - Whomping nettles

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Floruina is the mother of Vegetyrant life, and her children, the flowering sprayers, were made in her image. Using gas built up in its bulbs, the flowering sprayer can launch seeds as high-speed bullet-like projectiles that can even riddle tank armor with holes. Its discharged seeds sprout into new Vegetyrant life, ready to fight. The largest and oldest flowering sprayers gain a bioluminescent glow that can illuminate even the deepest darkness. The whomping nettle, also known by its ancient name “the blood vine,” is not a bush to be messed with. As a front-line combatant of the Vegetyrant forces, this mass of vines and thorns waits motionless and seemingly peacefully for its prey to approach. Once it has an enemy in range, it slams its heft against them and pulverizies its prey to pulp.

The Flowing Sprayer is unit with a focus on Long Range attacks that can join any Protectors force. This Flower can shoot its seeds into enemy territory, Proliferating Vegetyrants behind enemy lines. Their Bioluminescent Elites can act as Spotters to other allies nearby. The Whomping Nettle is a unit with a focus on sneak attacks that can join any Protectors force. These blood-hungry vines are Ambush Predators that can Fling enemies into backline troops, making them a mighty fist of the Vegetyrant army.


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