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Welcome to Coup, the fast-paced, fun, and highly recommended card game that's perfect for gatherings with friends. With its easy-to-learn game play and high replay value, Coup is a best-selling game that promises endless entertainment.  In this exciting strategy and bluffing game, you'll find yourself in a world of strategy, deception, and cunning. Play your cards wisely or bluff your way to victory - the choice is yours. With five unique roles to master, every game of Coup is an adventure waiting to unfold.  Coup's gameplay is designed for both adults and kids, making it a superb addition to your collection of board games and card games. It's a great game for 2 to 6 players, making it perfect for an evening of fun with friends.  Coup delivers not only strategy and manipulation but also a touch of adventure. It's a highly recommended game for adults, teens, and kids alike, offering an unforgettable gaming experience that keeps you coming back. Get ready to host game night with Coup - the best-selling card game that's become a popular choice for parties and gatherings. With its super fun and engaging gameplay, Coup is the board game that will keep everyone entertained. 

  • Coup - A Fast & Fun Social Deduction Bluffing Game. A popular game for family and adults, delivers endless excitement and suspense.
  • In Coup, you'll assume secret identities and use bluffing and deception to outmaneuver your opponents. The goal? Eliminate your rivals and be the last one standing. With quick rounds lasting around 15-20 minutes, Coup is perfect for those seeking fast-paced, strategy-packed gameplay.
  • Easy to Learn in 15 Minutes: Coup is easy to learn making it perfect for adults and kids alike. A super fun and highly recommended party game that is a fantastic addition to your game night and gatherings.
  • Play it Over and Over: Uncover the best-selling card game, Coup, with exceptional replay value. Enjoy countless hours of entertainment and fun as you strategize your way to victory.
  • This title is part of The Dystopian Universe, encompassing games like Coup and The Resistance. It immerses players in a larger world of espionage, deception, and intrigue where players navigate political turmoil, bluff their way to power, or uncover hidden traitors.


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